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Day 490:

John Green is not my best friend yet. 

Alright, you lovely followers! We have TEN DAYS to come up with the greatest thing you’ve ever seen to celebrate 500 Days of John Green. 


Anonymous: Woooo! Well done!

Thank you, Anon! DFTBA

Day 489:

John Green is not my best friend yet!

I GOT CAST!! I’m lady 1/fairy 2! The best part? I get to fly.

Day 488:

John Green is not my best friend yet. 

lucy-llama: Good luck for the audition!

Thanks lucy-llama! Hope today is as fantastic as you!


Anonymous: For your audition: make sure to look up what your lines mean, it really does help to know what you're saying

Anon, I’ll try my best to do that, but I think it’s a cold read. 

lynnetheseer: I participate in Shakespeare camp and have been in Shakespearean plays before. Annunciating is key, especially Ts and Ds (considering it is Maryland and we tend to drop those at times XD ) the wording can be difficult, so try reading some of it aloud before the audition to get used to both the prose and the iamic pentameter. keep your mind open and enjoy the experience because acting Shakespearean plays is so much fun. break a leg! :)

Thank you so much lynnetheseer! Hopefully it goes great! As a first year, I’m not expecting much, but yay for experience!! 


Day 487:

John Green is not my best friend yet. 

Tomorrow, I have auditions for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’m a first-year with zero Shakespeare experience. 

PLEASE HELP. Even general audition tips.  

Day 486:

John Green is not my best friend yet. 

Today is my first day of college classes!

day 485:

john green is not my best friend yet